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 On-Location Commercial Photography & Filming Services in Iceland

Donal Boyd offers professional location scouting services to film crews/individuals and media agencies that wish to visit Iceland for on-location commercial projects. Through countless hours of exploring the vast wilderness of Iceland in his Land Rover Defender, Donal has come to amass extensive knowledge of unique and scenic locations throughout the country with a special focus on distinct and remote areas within the Central Highlands.

Donal often works with clients to arrange all logistics within Iceland (excluding air travel) for either the entire duration or a portion of a project. Donal also has the capacity to aid in aerial/standard filming and photography direction as needed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of commercial work.

Past clients include international companies such as DJI Global, US & European based broadcasting companies & media agencies, and various other low-key film crews working on minor assignments.

For more information on how to hire Donal as a coordinator or as a director of photography/filmmaker, please contact him directly via email ( Please include a brief project overview/requirements, crew size, and desired dates in your message.